【Oracle故障】ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kkslmtl-valnotfound]

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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kkslmtl-valnotfound], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

经查询,以上报错是oracle 10205 psu5的一个bug,需要安装patch:13349665,metalink文档描述如下: Symptoms:After applying PSU the following errors occur from sessions of the DBSNMP user:ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kkslmtl-valnotfound], [], [], [], [], [], [], []With PSU applied we had no such problems. Changes:The PSU was applied to the database. Cause:The issue is due to unpublished Bug 13349665 ORA-600 [KKSLMTL-VALNOTFOUND] WITH PSU The assertion of the ORA-600 [kkslmtl-valnotfound] might be seen for some literal-replaced cursors when CURSOR_SHARING is set to FORCE or SIMILAR. Solution:1. If available for your platform, download and apply Patch:13349665. OR2. Use one of the following workarounds: ?Set cursor sharing to the default value: CURSOR_SHARING=EXACT.or ?Relink the "oracle" executable with the PSU "kksl.o" object module, here is an example to do that in AIX platform.: 1. Shutdown the instance ( 2. Backup libserver10.a file. $cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib $cp libserver10.a libserver10.a.102055 3. Extract "kksl.o" from a installation. $ar -x -X32_64 libserver10.a kksl.o 4. Copy file kksl.o from step3 to $ORACLE_HOME/lib for 5. Replace the file kksl.o on with the version from $ar -rc -X32_64 libserver10.a kksl.o 6. Relink oracle $relink oracle 7. Start up the instance. For specific parameters for the "ar" command on other platforms please contact your OS administrator.