HP-UX IA64 11.31操作系统上安装Oracle 11.2数据库相关要求

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HP-UX IA64 11.31操作系统上安装Oracle 11.2数据库相关要求

Between 4 GB and 8 GB then 2 times RAM.
Between 8 GB and 32 GB then 1.5 times RAM.
More than 32 GB then 32 GB RAM.


HPUX JDK 6.0.05, HPUX JDK 5.0.15


During installation, you can generate and run the Fixup script. to check and set the kernel parameter values required for successful installation of the database. This script. updates required kernel packages if necessary to minimum values.
If you cannot use the Fixup scripts, then verify that the kernel parameters shown in the following table are set to values greater than or equal to the minimum value shown. The procedure following the table describes how to verify and set the values manually.
The kernel parameter values in this section are minimum values only. For production database systems, Oracle recommends that you tune these values to optimize the performance of the system. Refer to your operating system documentation for more information about tuning kernel parameters.Parameter Minimum Value

executable_stack 0
ksi_alloc_max 32768
max_thread_proc 1024
maxdsiz 1073741824 (1 GB)
maxdsiz_64bit 2147483648 (2 GB)
maxfiles 1024
maxfiles_lim 63488
maxssiz 134217728 (128 MB)
maxssiz_64bit 1073741824 (1 GB)
maxuprc 3686
msgmni 4096
msgtql 4096
ncsize 35840
nflocks 4096
ninode 34816
nkthread 7184
nproc 4096
semmni 4096
semmns 8192
semmnu 4092
semvmx 32767
shmmax 1073741824
shmmni 4096
shmseg 512
tcp_smallest_anon_port 9000
tcp_largest_anon_port 65500
udp_smallest_anon_port 9000
udp_largest_anon_port 65500


For HP-UX 11i V3 (11.31):
PHCO_40381 11.31 Disk Owner Patch
PHCO_41479 11.31 (fixes an ASM disk discovery issue)
PHKL_38038 VM patch - hot patching/Core file creation directory
PHKL_38938 11.31 SCSI cumulative I/O patch
PHKL_39351 Scheduler patch : post wait hang
PHSS_36354 11.31 assembler patch
PHSS_37042 11.31 hppac (packed decimal)
PHSS_37959 Libcl patch for alternate stack issue fix (QXCR1000818011)
PHSS_39094 11.31 linker + fdp cumulative patch
PHSS_39100 11.31 Math Library Cumulative Patch
PHSS_39102 11.31 Integrity Unwind Library
PHSS_38141 11.31 aC++ Runtime
Pro*C/C++, Oracle Call Interface, Oracle C++
Pro*C/C++, Oracle Call Interface, Oracle C++ Call Interface, Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK):-
Patch for HP-UX 11i V3 (11.31) on HP-UX Itanium:-
PHSS_39824 - 11.31 HP C/aC++ Compiler (A.06.23) patch