Oracle数据库升级_Oracle 11g R2单机升级步骤

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Oracle数据库升级_Oracle 11g R2单机升级步骤: 如果单机采用文件系统:步骤:
直接升级DB SOFT、数据字典、安装PSU、安装one-off patch等。
升级前安装patch 、升级GI、升级DB SOFT、数据字典、安装PSU、安装one-off patch等。升级前安装的patch:对于基础版本为11.2.0.1, 安装的patch为:PATCH 9413827 Or PATCH 9706490 if on AIX, Solaris or HP对于基础版本为11.2.0.2, 安装的patch为:PATCH 12539000需安装的one-off patch:Patches relevant for all platforms:
Patch:13656236Merge patch fixing the following two bugs:Document:13004894.8 Wrong results with SQL_TRACE / 10046
?Document:13370330.8 ORA-600 [qkeIsExprReferenced1] From Query With Virtual Column
Patch:13705338 Wrong results on iot secondary index through joinPatch:13831007 Merge patch fixing the following bugs:?Unpublished Bug 12797420: MUTEX X WAITS WITH TWO JVMS
?Document:13588248.8 Library cache mutex contention for objects with very many library cache locks
NB: This merge can be used on either or We are hoping to have the fixes included in the PSU.
Patches specific to IBM AIX:
Patch:12412983AIX: "asynch descriptor resize" wait not necessary on AIXPatch:12596494 GENERALLY HIGHER CPU USAGE IN THAN MEMORY LEAK FIX FOR ONLINE PATCHING / HOT PATCHING
This reduces memory usage associated with the online patching feature.?AIX 6.1 TL7 or above (such as AIX 7.1) must be installed before either installing the patch or relinking the Oracle binary for it to be effective. If you are on an earlier version of AIX, then you may wish to consider installing Patch:10190759 instead, but keep in mind that doing so will disable online patching.Please see Document:1260095.1 for more information.