Oracle数据库服务器CPU高Database_session hang with ‘CSS initialization’

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Oracle数据库服务器CPU高Database/session hang with 'CSS initialization'

某客户的某个系统突然CPU冲高,一个小时内CPU从5%冲到90%以上,在数据库等待事件中发现大量的会话在等待CSS initialization。
查询metalink,发现有个Bug 10024824 – Database/session hang with ‘CSS initialization’

Product (Component) Oracle Server (PCW)
Range of versions believed to be affected Versions BELOW 12.1
Versions confirmed as being affected •

Platforms affected Generic (all / most platforms affected)

This issue is fixed in
• (Base Release)
• (Server Patch Set)

•Hang (Process Hang)
•Hang (Involving Shared Resource)
•Waits for "CSS initialization"

Hang (Involving Shared Resource)
A process may hold a shared resource a lot longer than normally expected leading to many other processes having to wait for that resource. Such a resource could be a lock, a library cache pin, a latch etc.. The overall symptom is that typically numerous processes all appear to be stuck, although some processes may continue unhindered if they do not need the blocked resource.

Hang (Process Hang)
A process may hang, typically in a wait state. Note that this is different to a process which is spinning and consuming CPU.

Database/session hang with 'CSS initialization' can occur
when the OH/log//client directory has the wrong permissions
in a RAC environment.

Change the permission of OH/log//client directory to 771

truss -o /app/oracle/css.log -laefdD -p xxx

在client下不断生成大量文件,这个和oracle的一个unpublish bug 6004127 有关(ID 729349.1),Olsnodes Produces CPU Spikes With Many Logs in $CRS_HOME/log//client Directory (Doc ID 729349.1)。目前没有patch,
Remove the log files under $ORA_CRS_HOME/log//client/css*.log in regular intervals with a cronjob.