ORA-600 [17113] "error getting an extent for a heap"

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[td=4,1]ORA-600 [17113] "error getting an extent for a heap"
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[font=courier]Note: For additional ORA-600 related information please read [font=courier]Note 146580.1

[font=courier]PURPOSE: This article discusses the internal error "ORA-600 [17113]", what it means and possible actions. The information here is only applicable to the versions listed and is provided only for guidance.

[font=courier]ERROR: ORA-600 [17113] [a]
[font=courier]VERSIONS: versions 7.0 to 10.1


[font=courier]An error occurred when getting a new extent while adding to a heap. The heap descriptor is uninitialized.ARGUMENTS: Arg [a] Always 0FUNCTIONALITY: HEAP MANAGERIMPACT: PROCESS FAILURE MEMORY CORRUPTION NON DATA CORRUPTIVE - No underlying data corruption.SUGGESTIONS:
[font=courier]These errors can occur after the actual Oracle in-memory corruption has taken place. Hence the processes that report the error may not be the ones that caused it.

[font=courier]Check for third party software being used to access the database.

[font=courier]This error can be reported when there are compatibility issues between third party software and the database. Check for other messages preceeding this message. Check if the problem is reproducable. Run memory diagnostics on all system hardware. If the Known Issues section below does not help in terms of identifying a solution, please submit the trace files and alert.log to Oracle Support Services for further analysis.

[font=courier]Known Issues:
[font=courier] Bug# 3488371 See Note 3488371.8
[font=courier] OERI[17113] can occur during import of materialized views

[font=courier]Bug# 3066549 See Note 3066549.8
[font=courier]OERI[17113] / memory corruption can occur selecting from a view

[font=courier]Bug# 2298968 + See Note 2298968.8 Client side memory leak for 32<->64 bit SELECTs

[font=courier]Bug# 2248904 See Note 2248904.8 Memory corrupt possible during optimization of distributed query

[font=courier]Bug# 1964934 See Note 1964934.8 Memory corruption possible using INSERT /*+ APPEND */ over DBLINK

[font=courier]Bug# 1460657 See Note 1460657.8 OERI:17113 creating partitioned OBJECT MVIEW with LOB column