How to Disable Asynch_io on HP to Avoid Ioctl Async_config Error

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Applies to: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: to
HP-UX Itanium
HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit)
GoalHow to disable async_io on Oracle in HP-UX to avoid this message in trace file:
Ioctl ASYNC_CONFIG error, errno = 1 SolutionIf /dev/async is present and correctly configured, Oracle (for HP only) will use it for memory locking which is needed for async i/o for SGA memory pages via ioctl.
Oracle (for HP only) opens /dev/async successfully only if the /dev/async HP-UX device driver is properly configured for read and write.
This is irrespective of whether the DISK_ASYNC_IO parameter is set to TRUE.
Problem is Oracle (for HP only) still uses async I/O regardless of the value of init settings
(disk_asynch_io=FALSE and filesystemio_options=none).
The parameter filesystemio_options=none doesn't work.

From the 9.2 until 10.1 version, to inactivate ASYNCH_IO with Oracle, the workaround is to:
[font=NSimsun]chown bin:bin /dev/async
chmod 660 /dev/async

Note: This may impact other applications that wish to use asynch I/O
Grant dba group the MLOCK privilege to avoid the Ioctl ASYNC_CONFIG trace file errors:
[font=NSimsun](1) # /usr/sbin/setprivgrp dba MLOCK
(2) # vi /etc/privgroup
-- This should contain dba MLOCK RTSCHED RTPRIO
(3) # cat /etc/privgroup

Since the Oracle 10.2 version, the problem is resolved as these settings stop the tracing: