oracle 11gR2 RAC如何从ocr中删除与添加资源

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A resource should be in OFFLINE state before it can be removed:

1. To stop, try the following sequentially until the resource is stopped successfully:

$RESOURCE_HOME/bin/srvctl stop resource_type
$RESOURCE_HOME/bin/srvctl stop resource_type -f
$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stop res resource_name
$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stop res resource_name -f

$RESOURCE_HOME refers to location where the resource is running off, for example, vip in $GRID_HOME, 11.2 .db in 11.2 RDBMS home, and 11.1 .db in 11.1 RDBMS home etc.

Resource_name is the name in "crsctl stat res" output.

2. To remove: once the resource is stopped, try the following sequentially until resource is removed successfully:

$RESOURCE_HOME/bin/srvctl remove resource_type
$RESOURCE_HOME/bin/srvctl remove resource_type -f
$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl delete res resource_name
$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl delete res resource_name -f

3. To add:

$RESOURCE_HOME/bin/srvctl add resource_type