oracle 10g crs 升级到10.2.04不成功问题处理

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oracle 10g crs 升级到10.2.04不成功问题处理建议:

数据库版本 oracle 10g crs +rac +asm 升级到10.2.0.4
操作系统版本 aix 5300-04-03

两边节点运行 均报以下错误
Creating pre-patch directory for saving pre-patch clusterware files
Completed patching clusterware files to /crs/app/oracle/product/crs_1
Relinking some shared libraries.
Relinking of patched files is complete.
Preparing to recopy patched init and RC scripts.
Recopying init and RC scripts.
Startup will be queued to init within 30 seconds.
Starting up the CRS daemons.
Adding daemons to inittab
Waiting for the patched CRS daemons to start.
This may take a while on some systems.
Timed out waiting for the CRS daemons to start. Look at the
system message file and the CRS log files for diagnostics.

Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
Version : 2
Total space (kbytes) : 1048300
Used space (kbytes) : 4392
Available space (kbytes) : 1043908
ID : 1112302270
Device/File Name : /dev/rhdisk3
Device/File integrity check succeeded
Device/File Name : /dev/rhdisk4
Device/File integrity check succeeded

Cluster registry integrity check succeeded

crsctl query css votedisk
0. 0 /dev/rhdisk5
1. 0 /dev/rhdisk7
2. 0 /dev/rhdisk8

located 3 votedisk(s).

第二 crsctl check boot 无任何报错

第三 crs_stat -t 无法带起crs资源

CRS-0184: Cannot communicate with the CRS daemon.

ps -ef|grep crs

clsssInitNative: connect failed, rc 9
CSS is not ready. Received status 3 from CSS. Waiting for good status ..

clssnm_skgxnmon: skgxn init failed

priority string (4)
Warning : Current stack limit (4294967296) > (2097152). Resizing..
Info : RLIMIT_STACK set to : 2097152
mlockall: unable to lock pages (-1/1)

寻求好多资源,最后在棉花糖斑竹的帮助下,在metalink下找到一篇文章 id为739371.1
最终确定为版本问题 oracle 在aix下的版本至少为5300-05版本或以上
5.2 ML4 or higher, 5.3 ML2 or higher, 6.1, & above AIX 5.3 TL5 (5300-05)