Oracle数据恢复ORA-01251: Unknown File Header Version read for file number 7

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Oracle数据恢复 ORA-01251: Unknown File Header Version read for file number 7

SQL> alter database open;
alter database open
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01122: database file 6failed verification check
ORA-01110: data file 6: '/u02/oradata/crmdb/test01.dbf'
ORA-01251: Unknown File Header Version read for file number 6


第一.非归档模式 则会丢失这个表空间下的所有数据

Drop the datafile and the associated tablespace.
1. Connect to the database as a user with SYSDBA privileges.
SVRMGRL>connect sys/ as SYSDBA;

2. Mount the database.
SVRMGRL>startup mount;

3. Drop the datafile specified in the error message.
SVRGMRL>alter database datafile '' offline drop;

4. Open the database.
SVRMGRL>alter database open;

5. Drop the tablespace associated with the datafile.
SVRMGRL>drop tablespace '' including contents;


1. The database needs to be in Archive log mode.

2. You need to have all the Archive log file from the time the datafile was created .

3. The control file should have datafile created information.If the controlfile was re-created
after the datafile was created then the below solution will not work and step 2 will
error with ORA-01178

Steps to be followed
Step1 :-
Take the problematic datafile offline.
SQL> Alter database datafile '/oracle/test_lob12.dbf' offline;
Copy the file to an alternate backup location.

Step 2:-
Issue the following command to re-create the file :
SQL> Alter database create datafile '/oracle/test_lob12.dbf';

Step 3:-
Start applying the archive log file to recreate datafile.
SQL> Recover datafile '/oracle/test_lob12.dbf';

Step 4:-
When the recovery is finished, bring the datafile online.
SQL> Alter database datafile '/oracle/test_lob12.dbf' online;