【Oracle故障】Oracle9i RAC建库报错ORA-29807: specified operator does not exist

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Oracle9i RAC 创建数据库过程中报错:ORA-29807: specified operator does not exist经检查,这是一个oracle bug,针对这个bug描述如下:
This is a known issue (bug 2925665). You can click on the "Ignore" button to continue.
Once DBCA has completed database creation, remember to run the 'prvtxml.plb' script. from$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin independently, as the user SYS. It is also advised to run the'utlrp.sql' script. to ensure that there are no invalid objects in the database at thistime.解决方法:
安装完成后,执行以下两个脚本后可解决:SQL> conn / as sysdba