RHEL Kernel image to large[PowerLinux]

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RHEL Kernel image to large

Interesting issue today in trying to install Redhat 6 on a POWER System, so that if you see this error -

Welcome to yaboot version 1.3.14 (Red Hat 1.3.14-35.el6)
Enter "help" to get some basic usage information
boot: linux
Please wait, loading kernel...
Elf64 kernel loaded...
Loading ramdisk...
Claim failed for initrd memory at 02000000 rc=ffffffff

Now after some searching on Bugzilla I found what looked like my problem, from this I have done a little testing and resolved the issue as detailed below:

Boot the POWER server and enter the OpenFirmware prompt with selection 8 at the IBM menu on start, then run the following command at the OK prompt -

0 > printenv real-base

If you see the following the I
-------------- Partition: common -------- Signature: 0x70 ---------------
real-base 2000000 2000000

Now if I have understood this correctly the firmware is expecting a image of 32MB and in our case for RHEL6 it is 16MB (or smaller) so we need to set it correctly, as below -

0 > setenv real-base 1000000

0 > printenv real-base
-------------- Partition: common -------- Signature: 0x70 ---------------
real-base 1000000 2000000

Then reboot with a -

0 > reset-all

Then boot of the RHEL image as normal and you should find all install from this point will work OK, in this case it was a virtual server so until the LPAR is removed from the HMC.

Ref -

2000000 is 32MB
1800000 is 24MB
1000000 is 16MB
c00000 is 12MB